When We Were Witnessing American History

Because my blog has still been blocked by the China’s Great Firewall, I’m not very insterested in blogging yet. I have kept blogging in Chinese for almost 5 years, however, few people in China can view my blog now. So, you guys who see this post may know that it is written for you instead of my dear frequent Chinese readers.

I believe all of Americans and most of the people in the world especially the African brothers and sisters get to know what day is today. When I arrived my office in the morning, my classmates who were the interns as me working at the same building told me that they were preparing to watch the inauguration on TV with their boss and co-workers together at the conference room. But I rather stayed in my own office to view the live broadcast online because I would like to interact with my friends through Twitter while watching it.

No doubt, CNN collaborating with Facebook has been more successful than ABC and MSNBC during this inauguration broadcasting online.  I also opened  Hulu in order to watch the HDTV but its speed looked very slow. Maybe the network of our campus has to be burdened with too much heavy traffic due to high rate of watching the live broadcast online at the same time.


I didn’t imagine that CCTV, the China Central Television might broadcast this inauguration. It sounds a little bit incredible but it really did! More than my imagination was that the simultaneous interpreter spoke out the same meanings of what Obama talked about their last generation had beaten the Fascism and Communism, futhermore,  the program director cut the sound of the interpreter and the screen of the live broadcast quickly and the emcee in a hurry turned to ask the other emcee who were at the studio in Washington D.C about  which difficulties Obama would meet when he faced to the American economy. Obviously, the team of CCTV didn’t prepare their homework well.汗[郁闷,无奈]

I don’t know how CCTV will deal with this “mistake”but hope the related staffs and the poor interpreter in particular have good luck. Usually,  they have to undertake the self-criticism even some of them may be suspended if the top regards this “mistake” as a serious matter.

I think I was very lucky to be a witness to the historic moment of the United States, whenever Obama was elected or he was sworn in as the 44th president. Also, I think there was a great progress that China’s government initiated the live broadcast of this inauguration to her 1.4 billion people. However, lacking in her self confidence, China’s government never dare to show the truth of history to her people even though she has become one of the top economic powers in the world. Probably,  she has been fully awake to her weakness on politics. As a popular gossip says,  reforms for system of politics will lead them  (the government and the party) to  death meanwhile they are waiting for death if they don’t carry out reforms. Unfortunately, it is just a innate dilemma  for any authoritarian country.


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